Week 39, 2023

I don’t understand the complaints about the 15 Pro not having really good heat dissipators. How many people do you know who game for long hours on their iPhone?

If it doesn’t heat up while I am on a Teams call for long ours – I am happy to buy it.


Week 38, 2023

Apparently, Microsoft is looking at next-generation nuclear reactors to power its data centers and AI, according to a job listing for someone to lead the way.

Starting to wish that private nuclear power plants were a thing!


Week 37, 2023

I think every robot that tries to cook eggs is set up to fail in some way or the other. I know human chefs cooking for years who can’t get eggs right :3

But LLM’s teaching actuators how to whisk an egg is such a dream project 😭


Week 36, 2023

Read a report that Phenylephrine is basically as good as a placebo when it comes to being a decongestant.

Now – I am not a pharmacist. I am neither a doctor. So it should not matter to me. But it does. Because I have had medicines that had this as an element in it. This means I was being fed basically bullshit – and I was taking it because I felt that “FDA Approved” means its properly vetted and trustable.

But as it appears – it isn’t! Who do we trust?


Week 35, 2023

I had a rather strange curiosity today. How do fuel pumps on rockets work? I imagine that the use of pressured gas would be a good way to enable that (same as how F1 cars are fueled). It appears that turbo pumps also have to struggle with temperature and pressure differences in the extremities of space. And I can’t even imagine how a solid fuel engine works.

I wish there existed some better video content on how something like that works though!


Week 34, 2023

I will never understand why climate activists glue themselves to the roads. I have tried. Trust me. But it just makes no logical sense.


Week 33, 2023

An op-ed in the New York Times argues that “sex work is an inappropriate phrase because it is neither sex nor work.” In the piece titled “What It Means to Call Prostitution Sex Work“, Paul argues against the use of the phrase, citing a source who argues that “it is neither sex nor work.”

It was an interesting read because I disagree with the whole of it. And it seems Huffington Post’s Kaytlin Bailey does too.

But that’s not interesting. Because it’s just yet another debate.

What felt interesting though – was that after a long time – I was reading two different perspectives on the same problem – and both writers were making sense. Somewhat. And it was getting very difficult for me to call one of them wrong.

What a time to live in!


Week 32, 2023

Read on a PWC publication that leaders at a UK-based housing-management company thought that collecting rents via its app was the key to its business continuity. But C-suite discussions around the question What if? revealed that paying its suppliers promptly mattered more. If the app crashed, rental payments would be late, but the company could withstand that longer than it could live with customer anger caused by disrupted third-party services like heating and repairs.

The outcome? Don’t try to anticipate all risks. Look to where plausible risks could materialize and hurt customers—and you—the most. This is a true pan–C-suite exercise that requires candor, trust, transparency, and the courage to challenge assumptions.


Week 31, 2023

Read a really interesting article recently around how time is a very perceptive matter. The idea is that while clocks measure objective time, people perceive and value time subjectively. When time feels like it’s dragging due to monotony or boredom, people become disengaged – even though in real life it might just have been a few minutes.

I mean – its common sense if you really think of it. But its nice to read about how a study of 200 workers, published in Current Psychology in 2019, found that even when controlled for personality traits, a person’s time perspective played a significant role in work-related outcomes. To quote: “Individuals who were more future-positive tended to enjoy higher job satisfaction and work engagement, and demonstrate fewer counterproductive work behaviors. Among those who were more present-fatalistic, meaning they took a dim view of their ability to affect their present, and future-negative, the opposite pattern of associations was observed.”


Week 30, 2023

I don’t understand the UX behind Test Results from Bangladeshi Hospitals.

Look, it’s not that tough to mark out the good ones and the bad ones.

Just tell me it’s fine. Wtf is up with making me read 1.23 < n > 2.31 and then making me compare it against my result of 17.82? Just write “you ded bro” on the results 🙄


Week 29, 2023

If there was a policy-level journalistic maturity, Bangladeshi news portals would refrain from sensationalizing the lives of Parimoni’s son or Shakib Khan’s son. These children will grow up. They will go to school. They will lead public lives. The amount of social stigma or bullying they will have to face due to these clickbait news items is quite unfair, and they have done nothing to deserve it.


Week 28, 2023

I will never understand why top-notch Dhaka hospitals don’t provide a bed for the attendant. Its not like their service is so good that you don’t need an attendant. When you are already charging so much money, why arrange for a useless half-sofa, half-divan type of reclining chair? What’s the problem with providing a normal bed?


Week 27, 2023

How much are your NFT’s worth now? Heh.


Week 26, 2023

This year was odd. My feed was completely devoid of any gore on Eid – and I am not sure whether it was my own bubble or whether people just stopped posting. But probably, it was the advent of cheaper algorithms that can now run on every image at a low cost – thus making automated filters more feasible. Ten years ago, it was a dream that one day everything online would be filtered down. Now they are scary.


Week 25, 2023

I meme I read today said: next time you are afraid to share ideas in a meeting – remember that someone once said in a meeting “let’s make a film with a tornado full of sharks” and got that approved.


Week 24, 2023

An interesting grouping I read today was around the 12 Jungian Archetypes. Now – don’t get me wrong – I understand that it’s usually quite useless to try and group human behavior into any type (sorry ABCD folks). The trait around any of these personality types is that they usually have to be universal, meaning that they are present in all cultures and societies – or else they will be useless. But the 12 Jungian Archetypes also claim to be unconscious, meaning that we are not aware of them on a conscious level.

For example – if we have a strong unconscious identification with the Hero archetype, we may be more likely to take risks and try to achieve great things. Or, if we have a strong unconscious identification with the Caregiver archetype, we may be more likely to be nurturing and supportive of others.

Somehow, I still cannot come to terms with how I could be unconsciously doing something of a single trait, and not be conscious of that trait in me. I mean, how often would you have a hero who doesn’t know he gets a chill from doing heroic things?

So confusing.


Week 23, 2023

I have recently started following somedeafguy. What a wholesome person!


Week 22, 2023

Fariha made me buy an Anton Chekhov collection the other day. It’s covered in gold foils that sizzle and snap in the dark. Even the pages have a colored edge that gives me goosebumps. On the back, there is one sentence that goes “and only when his head was grey, he had fallen properly, really in love – for the first time in his life”. And I could not have said anything better about a book that I haven’t even read yet.


Week 21, 2023

Over the years, I have joined a plethora of local groups where specialists of various types (electricians, civil engineers, IPS battery traders, etc) discuss their work. The fun part is that even though almost none of them belong to my industry, I end up learning small hacks and tidbits that help me down the line.

For instance, today I learned why column concrete is only done 5 foot at a time – and exactly what goes wrong if you try to circumvent the limit somehow. In the morning, someone in a fish group showed what Shark Eggs look like (strange and beautiful). A few weeks ago, I learned how Bluetooth Keys on modern cars authenticate.

The world is filled with such fantastic bits of trivia!


Week 20, 2023

This week, I had a nice realization that you can learn how to “speak better” and that it has nothing to do with knowing the words, but a lot more to do with watching how people use them better than how you did.

A nice situation was when a colleague used “it leaves a lot to be desired” instead of saying “this sucks”, which was the first time when I had this thought. Another time, a very senior team member mentioned “I have been incredibly lucky with my involvement in xyz”, which was a very humble way to say “I lead the project”.

So yeah – learning how to speak better everyday!