Week 31, 2023

Read a really interesting article recently around how time is a very perceptive matter. The idea is that while clocks measure objective time, people perceive and value time subjectively. When time feels like it’s dragging due to monotony or boredom, people become disengaged – even though in real life it might just have been a few minutes.

I mean – its common sense if you really think of it. But its nice to read about how a study of 200 workers, published in Current Psychology in 2019, found that even when controlled for personality traits, a person’s time perspective played a significant role in work-related outcomes. To quote: “Individuals who were more future-positive tended to enjoy higher job satisfaction and work engagement, and demonstrate fewer counterproductive work behaviors. Among those who were more present-fatalistic, meaning they took a dim view of their ability to affect their present, and future-negative, the opposite pattern of associations was observed.”