makesYouThink: Why do Bangladeshi people go to Singapore to treat toenail infections these days?

The lack of standardization in the medical industry in Bangladesh is scary af. And it isn’t only just when you are doing a bypass surgery.

My mom goes to Apollo fairly regularly for checkups – but the real problem though, is their interpretation of things after these results come out.

My mom has been having a single medication for a while now in order to control her pressure. Her pressure is quite fluctuatory, and needed a better look. In-spite of that, Doctor Huq, her old physician prescribed her to take the exact same useless one that has not been helping for quite a while now. Much to her dismay. But then again, who dares to question a doctor’s decision these days?

But then, on the exact same day, with the exact same tests, Dr Latif (who was supposed to check her liver only) changed her pressure medications; suggesting that Dr Huq does not know his shit. His exact explanation was, “আমার ফরেন জীন, আমার ওষুধ খান”. Seemingly he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and that is the best explanation he had regarding why he changed her medications. Conflicting decisions like these are scary, because patients who suffer from hypertension tend to be extremely sensitive to these medicines.

That was on Thursday. Today, she went to the doctors again, and more test results came out.

So seemingly, she has borderline diabetes (according to test results). The old doctor suggested that this is nothing (she has had the same test result for years now), and did not prescribe anything.

The new one suggested that she needs to be medicated immediately for diabetes. When she suggested that the other doctor was against his views, his exact wording was, “don’t question me, just listen to what I say, and memorize them”.

When she questioned regarding one of the injection schedules, he went forward to insult her, saying that she should hire an assistant to read English, because his job is to only write the medicines; not to explain when each of them are to be taken. Note that she happens to have a Masters Degree in Education, and used to teach people how to read.

Dr Huq suggested that she has high cholesterol, and prescribed medicines. Dr Latif suggested that her cholesterol is okay, and needs no medicines. Exact same report presented to both of them.

One doctor suggests that her Thyroid hormones are okay given her age. Reports suggest otherwise. The other doctor prescribed medicines for that.

When she came home, I realized that her results say that she has high Uric Acid Concentrations. But neither of the doctors even noticed that, did not minutely mention that, and did not suggest any medicine for that either.

The report was right infront of their eyes.

What a brilliant set of douche-bags.

So yeah, now you know why.