lovelyShit: Using Gulp-JS yet?


To be honest, I am fairly new to JS automations.

A year ago, I used to imagine that Gulp JS is all about automating complicated tasks – until I realized that it is way more than that.

Gulp can automate most tasks, and you can define tasks as anything between:

  • Take a file, do this to that, then do this to that resulting file, and save it somewhere.
  • When I do this, do that.
  • Its not just about compiling or minifying CSS assets. You can even have Gulp cut out hundreds of PDF files for you (that’s how I discovered it)!
  • Logging!

No joke.

Here are a few cool Gulp Plugins:

  1. gulp-clean – A gulp plugin for removing files and folders from given paths.
  2. gulp-concat – Streaming concat middleware
  3. gulp-uglify – Minify files with UglifyJS
  4. gulp-rename – Do you want to keep both, minified and source files around?

You can learn more about how to begin with Gulp here (bangla) and here (english).