Sadhguru’s take on understanding where we stand and what we must do about it.

I want you to just imagine if you lived a thousand years ago. In the morning when you woke up, you would need water for your use, so you would have to walk down to the river and carry two buckets full of water. Believe me, most of the youth today are not fit enough to carry two buckets of water for a mile. Physically, they are just not capable of doing it. 

If you were here a thousand years ago without technology, would you carry these buckets of water without complaint? You would definitely complain, because you are physically not capable. Similarly, if you have not made yourself mentally capable to handle the various realities of today, then you will complain. 

You must engineer yourself in such a way that you are fit for life. In the early part of your life, the most important thing is not your ambitions, your desires or the lifestyles you aspire for. The only thing you should be concerned about is how to enhance this life to a higher level of possibility. If you invest enough time in the inner development of who you are, handling the present situations will be effortless. Above all, you will not be complaining about the greatest gifts that have been offered to you. 

Never before could you fly from India to United States in 14 hours’ time, or pick up your phone and talk to someone in any part of the world, or see a million things happening all over the world and even in outer space. You can see beyond your normal vision, hear beyond your normal sense of hearing, and experience things beyond your normal sense of experience.