Is silencing creators okay?

By empowering policymakers into an ideology that they can limit what you see and what you do based on their personal beliefs – you are creating a sinkhole that has very rough edges.

And please, don’t pull the religion/culture card. I only need to attend your holud to see you biting your own tail.

বাক-স্বাধীনতার মতোই গুরুত্বপূর্ণ অন্য সকল স্বাধীনতা।

When a generation decides that singing Baby Doll at every Holud Function is okay, but Obhodro Prem is not okay because a grand total of six inches of border separate the creators – you start to realize that there is something seriously wrong with our understanding of morality. Salman can do whatever makes him happy. You and I have a moral duty to keep ourselves away from what he does if our upbringing and culture taught us to do that. Forcing our culture on him is a veiled form of oppression that will fire back when the policymakers realize that they can use this same tool to silence you.