Did she have to die for cheating?

Backstory: https://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/dhaka/2018/12/04/viqarunnisa-school-students-demonstrate-in-front-of-campus

This might be an unpopular opinion – but I honestly believe that in a largely broken education system, cheating is actually okay.

I have taken 2 courses at University this semester, whose professors can explain why. In one course, an Ex-Chairman of Dhaka University’s CSE department teaches. Brilliant teacher. Incredibly challenging course.

In his exams, he tells us formulas we don’t know. He literally asks us whether we need anything or have forgotten basics. We are also allowed to take any piece of paper we need.

The result? We don’t cheat off somebody else. We learn how to do the math, and then we take a small cheat sheet for the formulas. Every single student learns how to do his own math because the exam is so challenging, we don’t have time to cheat. Last week, his assignment was so strange that nobody, literally nobody in the whole wide internet had ever asked such a strange question. He later joked in the class that if you could answer this and submit this assignment – he will give that mark to you for free because you tried to answer that.

In another course, I have an ex-MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge (Yes, all three) teacher teaching Machine Learning. Pretty much the only course in the whole country that goes into such depth in terms of mathematics.

In his exam, we are allowed to take 5 sheets of whatever we want. In paper. In reality, he doesn’t even mind if you take the whole book.

Because his exams are so hypothetical, that you won’t find the answers in any book. I remember this strange quiz where the answer was written right on the board – but we didn’t even know that was the answer. Got a straight zero, but never drooled off in his class again.

So, did I stop studying and stop learning? Not really.

For both of these courses, I have to put in an incredible amount of studies so that I don’t fail. Fully knowing that I can take the book and my slides right to the exam hall. No need of hiding them in a phone.

ভাল টিচারের ক্লাসে দেখে লিখতেও ট্যালেন্ট লাগেরে ভাই। কেও মোবাইল দেখসে দেখে বাবা মাকে ছোট করার আগে চিন্তা করে নেন যে বাবা-মা নিজেরা সব শিখাইতে পারলে আপনার কাছে কোন দুঃখে দিবে? একটা মেয়ে আপনার হাতে দিনে ৭-৮ ঘন্টা থাকে। এরপর আপনার কোচিংয়ে ৪-৫ ঘন্টা কাটায়। বাসায় তো যায় ঘুমাইতে। যদি নৈতিকতার অভাব বলেন, তবে দোষ তো আপনার যে আপনার কাছে এতো বছরেও কিছু শিখে নাই।