Why should someone visit Jessore?

Last year, we randomly decided to visit Jessore. Interesting choice – because we don’t know anybody in the city and were just looking for a place to visit that’s away from the tourist crowd.

Naturally, everybody continued to ask why we would go to Jessore – and what’s there to see. We didn’t have an answer or even a plan. Just knew that there is a decent hotel we can get into.

Months later, as I think about it – it was a fantastic choice, and there are lots of things to do there if you want to avoid humans as much as possible while still having all services 😅

1. You can go there via Train. Sleeping coach on an all-night train is a fantastic experience that I would certainly recommend. And it’s nice to just sit on a train and watch it cross small stations and their dim tungsten lights throughout the night. Costs more than airfare though. Long story. But worth it.

2. It’s a lazy city – if I may dare to say so. Nothing is really open till 9 AM, and everybody seems to have a lot of time on their hands. But that’s what makes it special. Because you can just chill around and have Tong er Chaa and cuddle puppies or something. For speed, visit Tokyo.

3. Food scene is pretty decent. Don’t expect Banani food in Jessore though.

4. Shit tonne of old buildings like this one. Very photogenic as a city. Every other wall there seems to have a story behind it.

5. It’s clean, felt quite safe, and even roadside food stalls were homely! We had a Rickshaw Ride at 11 PM all across the city – and it was calming af.

6. There is no traffic. There is no smoke. This city has more electric vehicles than California. No joke.

7. There is a decent park to hang around, lots of places around the city to walk by, and an overall sense of nothing happening that makes it quite peaceful. There is also a rose garden somewhere that we didn’t end up visiting though.

8. The people are extra nice. You can’t walk into a Mishtir Dokan without eating some is their kind of hospitality.

9. We found a fantastic supplier of local Molasses. Jessore seems to specialize in ones that contain nuts and coconuts.

10. You can fly back, and that’s quite useful if you are short on time.

Overall, it’s a perfect city to do nothing special and just watch life happening all around you 😅