Why are our elections so boring? >_-

It is a little sad that apart from a select few, most of the people involved in the election campaigns do not really have the understanding that B&W Posters posing as guidons, horrible miking round the clock, and incessant processions aren’t the best tools for Election Campaigns in 2018. 

Instead of hanging ten lakh posters, one could have easily arranged for water-faucets for Rickshaw Pullers at intersections. A private company at Banani 17A has been doing it for years – and it is high time that you notice! 

Instead of leading a procession of two thousand men, it would have been easier to take full charge of a playing-field for local children – something that a regular ruling-party member has been doing this year. 

Instead of turning on a disco all night around the villages, one could easily have taken the charge to organize cleaning of a local road for a whole year – something that has been happening for a while in Gulshan now.

Instead of putting up banners, one could have used their effort into organizing Free Medical Camps for people in their constituency – something that an opposition party member had tried to do (or so I heard).

The point is, people are a little tired of listening to you and reading about it, and it has reached such an extent that some work from our so-called-leaders has turned out to be a basic expectation these days. With the whole country filled with badly designed posters, it is high time you guys start to think about the UX of these! A poster with multiple lines of different sized text (and bad kerning) isn’t particularly read-able on a road where the average moving speed is 40kph! Neither is a tall banner readable (how many of you read everything you see in the road?) – let alone the fact that it is placed in a country where pass rate for language tests is laughable at best.

It is high time that you rise upto the occation and get a little creative juice flowing. No point of reserving it for the arts when so much is left to be done in real life!