Week 3, 2023

The week is oddly infuriating. There isn’t much happening other than random people suddenly discovering ChatGPT and going bonkers over it without a full understanding of its potential.

There is a news that consumer loans will now be costlier – which sounds like what’s going to happen is that inflation will be moderate in the longer term, but unemployment will rise. Nothing to be happy about.

One of the most interesting bits of news this week was the RAB going ahead and capturing would-be militants from the hilltracts.

I find it super odd as to why absolutely nobody from my Facebook feed even bothered to share the news. Five years ago, this would have given us the chills and it would have been the talk of the town. But somehow now, nobody seems to give a shit these days.

And did you even know that some cyber crime is happening by using Bangladeshi slave labor? And that too in Cambodia?