Okay, you are hired. Now what?

Everybody asks questions about what is the right set of questions to ask in an Interview – or beyond. But what happens once you are hired? What questions should you be asking once you are in the team (or even earlier, for that matter)?

Here are a few good questions to ask as a new Product Manager:

  1. What are the top priorities for the product and why?
  2. What is the process for evaluating and prioritizing new features?
  3. Who are the main stakeholders and what are their objectives?
  4. What metrics are used to track success of the product?
  5. How does the product roadmap look like and what is the timeline for the next releases?
  6. How does the team handle and prioritize customer feedback?
  7. Who are the key players in the decision-making process for the product?
  8. How does the team approach product experimentation and testing?
  9. What resources (people, budget, technology) are available to support the product?
  10. How does the team stay up to date with market trends and industry changes?