Does your religion define you?

Here is something I have been thinking for a while – whatever your religion may be, it acts as a code for your standards and opinions. You do things that your religion asks you to do, and avoid the ones that it asks you to avoid. Even including the time when you believe that religion does not exist and that you drive your own decisions, you believe in a moral code of conduct that drives your decision-phase.

Where I work, we call it the “client-stage”, and define each client by their confusions and their decisions. So if you are unsure of your purchase decision, you are an unsure client. If you are an empathetic client who wants good for everyone, you are just that.

Somehow, your decisions drive our definition of who you are – and that makes me think – if your religion drives these decisions (offcourse, this will only be true for a small subset of the population), then are you completely defined by your religion?