Bangladesh needs better CCTV Service Providers

The local CCTV market has a huge gap where Cloud based solutions don’t play nicely with the old DVR/NAS Tech out of the box.While a form of IP Cameras exist, they offer onboard Micro SD Storage only and can’t be paired up with a NAS that can sync with an S3 Bucket.

This means that CCTV’s right now don’t offer any cloud storage/redundancy. Which is quite an important requirement for locations requiring long term security (think banks, ATM’s, etc).

A couple of things that I feel do not exist at all:

  • CCTV + Monitoring as a service (I have installations that need monitoring at night but don’t have the resources)
  • CCTV solution doubling up as Attendance Solutions
  • CCTV Data storage (cloud + DVR/NAS)
  • CCTV’s that come paired with multiple networking solutions like 5G + Wifi (making them fault resistant)
  • CCTV’s that have their own onboard battery (backup for >2-3 hours during emergency without manual wiring)
  • Something thats not a VGA Camera and has the ability to see faces instead of just white spots in the dark.