A year at Welcome Software

The craziest part about me joining Welcome was that I joined a completely new, 12-year-old company on its Day 1 of operation. On my joining day, HR took me aside and informed me that the company has just gone through a sales process, and we are selling off our (previous) main product (on that very same day).

I wasn’t just shocked, to say the least.

But over the next few days, things started working out great! We were now fully concentrating on a new product, a completely revamped sales pipeline, and a whole new PSG Motion. Things weren’t just rolling – in the middle of a pandemic, we were building a new company from our homes.

It has been a year (a little more than that) since that started off. And as I write this – I have a slight grin at the back of my head because I realize how much has been achieved in that short duration. It’s hard to write about everything, but I would like to take this opportunity to write down a few things that I will forever remember:

  • Shaf’s Sunday Night Emails
  • The culture:
    • Trust, over everything else
    • Teamwork, over brilliance
    • Compassion, over being right
    • Customer Obsession, over process
    • Grit, over Stability
  • The importance of diversity
  • The importance of unlimited PTO
  • The impact that Flexible Work Hours can have
  • The fun of building new things

I actually wrote a whole post about our amazing HR on Facebook. But it’s in Bangla and private. Maybe we can get in touch and I will walk you through that?